Културни измерения

As human beings, we share many characteristics with all other human beings. These aspects are referred to as human nature. On the other hand, each one of us is an individual, having developed his/her own habits as a result of individual experience and own critical thinking. Culture lies in between. It describes characteristics, we share with a certain group of people due to a common background.
It is not only the national background, which defines culture. We all belong to various layers of cultural groups such as profession, social class, religious groups, groups of leisure activities etc. Our belonging to each of these groups shapes some of our habits and preferences.

Culture encompasses everything - beliefs, social habits, the way of expression, cuisine, music and arts. To analyse cultures, the iceberg model is often referred to. On the surface there is a tiny peak of visible aspects and underneath a huge amount of invisible, which often determine those visible. The tree model emphasises that culture has its roots in common experiences, is based on values and believes and finally results in the visible habits.



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