Return Request

Different Handling

The video extracts from one of the workshops of the conference “Protecting the child” shows how participants describe the handling in their country.

In other workshops some further differences in the details were mentioned:

In Lithuania:

  • no strict seat order, lawyers decide
  • lawyer speaks for client without asking
  • all evidence must be on paper, things which are said from person to person doesn’t count as evidence

In Denmark:

  • strict seat order, strict procedure order
  • lawyer asks clients in front of court

In Belgium:

  • family law takes place in a “private” setting, quite informal
  • one of the parents is not obligated to be there

The Netherlands have prepared a comprehensive standard protocol to inform all national institutions as well as other countries’ professionals about the national procedure. This document creates a high standard of transparency and reliability.

Please have a view on the standard protocol:

Standard protocol - view as PDF.



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